Mrs. Sallee's Class
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Circa 2002-2003
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News from the Classroom:
      Congratulations to the fifth grade class of 2002-03 upon the successful completion of a year filled with academic progress and the exploration of new horizons.
In addition to completing the mandated curriculum for our grade level,  achievements and activities of the year also included:

-our weekly newsletter home to parents
-epal contacts in Michigan, California, Australia, and Millbridge
-the WOW project (for women's history month)
-organizing and advertising our first annual Math-a-Thon
-participation in all the fund raisers from jumping rope, to collecting boxtops, to utilizing the infamous UNICEF orange boxes
-keeping on top of world and national news through current events
-developing organizational skills and responsibility through the use of the daily take-home, bring back folder

We wish everyone a healthy, happy, restful summer, and continued success in the next schoolyear.
Old school photos
Memories of yesteryear..
A typical June class farewell