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Our class  researched famous people for Black History Month and we had a contest.
Participants had to choose the correct answer for each of the following descriptions of particular people's achievements and then submit their answers to us.
    We held a Grand Prize drawing on March 1, 2001 and the winner was Stephanie Johnson! Congratulations!!!
    Even though the contest is over, the quiz is still available for you to try.
     -Mrs. Sallee's Class
Please fill in the following information.
Please choose the correct answer in the pull-down menu.
1.  He developed the modern blood bank.
10. Who was an author, actress, playright, director,                and producer?
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2.  What boxer made $100 million in his career?
3.  She's  the "mother" of the Civil Rights movement.
4.  What famed running back was on a team              that shared his last name?
5.  What famous jazz musician played vibraphone                and drums?
6.  He was a famous astronomer and mathematician.
7.  What famous architect graduated from             Central Tech High School?
8.  He was in President  Lyndon Johnson's Cabinet.
9.  What famous artist took his first piano lessons at             age six?